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Setting Up Your CPA System Part 5

Having your own thank you page is a very important part to successfully create a CPA system which will automatically generate cash flow for you. The thank you page is simply a page where the visitors of your website will be redirected after they become included in your list. This page functions like a landing page wherein the visitors will be redirected again to another page containing the affiliate product you promote. In order to create your own thank you page, follow the steps below.

Setting Up Your CPA System Part 5

First of all, you need an HTML editor since you will be using it to crate your thank you page. If you do not know anything about HTML, then you should not panic. Without a doubt, it really is easy. You only need to follow the steps provided below, steps that is very understandable. You are recommended to download an HTML editor called Kompozer. Just search it on the internet, download it, then install it. After installing Kompozer, open the application, then start the work.

Change the font style of the text to Arial black. You can do this by clicking format on the menu bar, font, then scrolling down until you see Arial black then choose it.

Arial black

Once you have changed the font, you now have to type something like “Thank You for Ordering” or any other similar message.

Next, change the font back to normal (the default font style before you changed it to Arial black), then type a message like “Your Download Link Will be sent to You Shortly Via Email.” Change the font size of that message by clicking “A.”

Afterwards, change the font style again to Arial black then type a message like “In the meanwhile… You may click the link below for a special offer.” You should then anchor this text by adding a hyperlink to it. TO do this, highlight the text, right click, then choose create hyperlink. In the blank space provided, this is where you will input the hyperlink. Then what will be the hyperlink? Remember the affiliate link that you have converted into pretty link from the last section? That will be the link that you will put in here. Feel free to input any link to an affiliate product which you think is the best for your website. However, do not forget to convert any unappealing link to a pretty link.

After that, you should now save the file that you have created. In order to do that go to file, click on save as, then type a name for that HTML file. Type the word “index.” After saving the file, congratulate yourself for accomplishing the hard part of this section of the entire guide, although it actually is not that hard.

Next up, you should create a thank you page on Hostgator.com. To do that,  follow the step by step process below.

  1. Go to hostgtor.com then login to your hostgator control panel.
  2. Follow the steps mentioned above when it comes to uploading your free gift, that is, go to your hostgator control panel, then go to the file manager, then select your domain name.
  3. Create a new folder called thank you.
  4. Open up the thank you folder that you have created then upload the HTMF file called index.html that you have created a while ago into that folder.
  5. Test the things that you have created by typing “yourdomainname.com/thankyou” into the address bar of your browser.

Now that you have created your thank you page, the visitors of your site now have a landing page where your affiliate products have the chance to be purchased by your site’s visitors. If you would like to add some additional things or designs on your thank you page, then feel free to do so. Creating an HTML file is so vast, that you can do a lot of things with it. Tutorials are pretty much already available on the internet or via books. Surely, you will be able to add some aesthetics or other things on your thank you page to make your affiliate link a lot more clickable for the visitors of your website. For the next section of the entire guide, you will be learning all about monetization of your CPA system. It will teach you mainly how to generate your income or commissions.Now move to Setting Up Your CPA System Part 6.