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Setting Up Your CPA System Part 6

Now that you know how your CPA system will work, it is now the time for you to incorporate techniques and strategies in order to generate cash flow though your website. For this section of the guide, you need to set up your opt in form, the form where the visitors of your website can opt in to acquire the free gift that you offer, and then making the proceed to buy the affiliate product you promote. However, we all know that not all the visitors of every site will be willing to opt in to any opt in form available in the website to receive free gifts. So how will you be able to make the visitors of your website to opt in to your opt in form? The answer to that is simple. You only need to place your opt in form strategically before you drive traffic to your website using Pinterest.

One way that you can do this is to make the visitors of your site access the opt in form before they arrive at your website or as soon as they arrive at your website. In order to accomplish this, you need to use a pop up plugin, specifically a pop up opt-in plugin. Two of the best pop up plugins are WP Action bar and Optincrusher. If you like to use them, then feel free to do so. However, if you prefer something better than those two, then use that. But, the good thing about those two plugins is that they have minimal chance of annoying your site’s visitors. If you like to use the optincrusher plugin, then you should go to www.optincrusher.com. If you would like to use WP Action Bar, then go to www.pluginsforyou.com/180-wp-action-bar/. For this guide, we will be using WP Action Bar. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. First, you should opt in to the list by providing the required information about you on the certain field.
  1. Download the file provided to you after subscribing via your email.

 Go to your WordPress account dashboard.

  1. Go to plugins of WordPress then click add new.
  2. Choose the directory where you put the WP action bar file when you downloaded it. After choosing that, upload it to WordPress. Keep in mind that you should upload the file in its ZIP form.
  3. Activate the WP Action bar plugin.
  4. After the activation of your new plugin, go to WP Action Bar then click add new.
  5. Input the title or name of your new WP action bar. Make the title or name related to opting in. For instance, the name would be like “opt in bar.”
  6. Next, you will see a bank space. This space is where you will be asking your site’s visitors to opt in. You can do this in two ways. First, you can make use of a message with headings and different colored fonts as invitation to your site’s visitors for them to opt in. Second, if you bought the package, you can make use of the already made images included in the DFY content or PLR package. However, regardless of which of the two you prefer to use, you should always add the cover of the ebook. In order to add that image from the cover of the ebook, go to add new WP action bar, then choose add image, click on upload files, and finally, select the file containing the cover of the ebook. Afterwards, you will see three radio buttons under the type section. Of those three, choose opt-in.
  7. Go to designs then change the width of the image to 3-5 pixels. The rest of the image dimensions is up to you.
  8. Change the styles and colors of the opt-in in such a way that they will be similar to your website’s styles and designs. For instance, if you chose a black themed background on WordPress for your website’s theme, then choose a black color for the background of your opt-in page.

Getting Your Auto responder Form Code

  1. Sign in to your account in AWeber then click “sign up forms.”

AWeber then click “sign up forms.”

  1. Select “create a signup form.”

AWeber then click “sign up forms.”2

  1. After choosing create signup form, a default signup form will appear.
  2. Save that form then go back to “create a signup form.”
  3. Input the web form name.
  4. Save that form again then go back to where a default signup form appears.
  5. Click install my form then choose the raw html version instead of the Java version.

AWeber then click “sign up forms7.	Click install

  1. You will notice some code given on the box. Copy those codes.

AWeber then click “sign up forms. copy code

  1. Go back to the WP action bar settings. You will see the autoresponder code options. Click on that then paste the code that you have copied from step 8.
  2. Scroll down until you see the section with the “button label.” Changing this title will cause a change in the button’s name. What you must do is to change the name of that button into something like “download now!” or “get your free report!”
  3. Select the shape and color of the button that will relate to your website.
  4. It is now the time for you to publish your WP action bar. In order to do that, go to WP action bar, then choose settings.
  5. Change the name of the action bar then save your work.
  6. Your WP action bar is now functional.

Placing Banner Ads on Your Website

  1. Go to your CPA Network (Maxbounty, Peerfly, etc.).
  2. Ask for the codes for your affiliate product’s banner. However, not all business owners give codes for banner ads. So if your affiliate product does not have banner codes, then skip this process.
  3. Copy the code for the banner.
  4. Go to appearance, choose widgets then click text.
  5. Choose add widget.
  6. Paste the HTML code that you have copied using step 3.

Congratulations! You now have the proper sections of your website where your visitors can opt-in. Your website now has the ability to generate cash for you. However, you still need to incorporate contents into your website. Of course, the most important contents of your websites are your blog posts. For the next part of the entire guide, you will be learning how to create and post contents into your website.CPA System Part 7