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Setting Up Your CPA System Part 7

One of the most important things that your website should have is posts. Without posts, your website would be nothing but just a site with hardly any visitors in it. Think of posts as the main attraction to the readers. People surf the internet to look for information. If you can give this information to them, then there will be a higher chance that they will go to your website to gather this information as well as to go back to your website to see if you will be providing them more.

Setting Up Your CPA System Part 7

Unlike pages, posts do not appear at the top of your page. Your posts are the entries of your website that provide valuable information to your visitors. Posts can be of three kinds: text, audio, or video

Text Posts

Text posts can also be of three types: informational, promotional, and review.

Informational posts are website posts containing information for readers. For example, a website post entitled “How to Lose Your Weight through a Healthy Plan” is providing informational posts. Informational posts are highly recommended to be used since you will be providing valuable information to the visitors of your site while they build their trust with you.

Promotional posts are website posts that promote a certain product. For instance, “Poundbreaker supplement 1: The Best Weight Loss Supplementreverse your diabetes guide ”  is a kind of promotional posts. Audiences read these kinds of posts in order to know more about a certain product. These kinds of posts can result to tremendous cash generation, especially if you are writing for a hungry market.

Review posts are website posts that compare different branded products, but have similar functions, then concludes which is the best one among them. These kinds of posts are deemed valuable by the audience especially if they are confused as to which one of similar products should they consume. Moreover, review posts can also be focusing on the negative side of some products. As a result, the website can gain the trust of the audience.

Image Posts

Images can also be posted into your website. However, it is highly recommended for you to focus more on posting image than posting other kinds of posts since you will be generating free traffic via Pinterest. For that reason, you will need a good quality and attractive image that deserves to be pinned and repined by Pinterest users, gaining you more traffic to your website.

Although there are a lot of images on different kinds of websites, you are not allowed to post them into your website since it will lead you to face some legal issues. Copyrighted photos are being taken care of by their publishers so using them is a great offense to them. Likewise, you could not use the photos on Pinterest to be posted into your website. You can only pin them to your board but outside of that, you do not have the rights to use them for your sake.

Fortunately, you can purchase images if you do not have the time to take pictures or create photos yourself. There are different websites where you can purchase photos including canstockphoto.com, dreamstime.com, shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com, and stockvault.com.

Furthermore, there are photos out there that are free to be used on your website. However, when you do so, you need to give the providers credit as compensation for using their images. In order to do that place the following when you post the image on your website: “image courtesy of (name of the image’s owner)/ (website where you found the image).” There are a lot of free photos available through Google. If you want to use those photos, give credits to the owner.

There are also images on the web that you can freely access without credit. The only time that you can use these photos is when you focus on them to tell the story about its owner or the story behind that photo. Examples of the times when you can do this is when the kind of post you will be posting with the image is either a promotional post or a review post. Similarly, you are allowed to use YouTube videos for your website. However, you cannot download them then post them to your site because when you do this, you are posting the video like you own it. What you should do is to embed the  YouTube video into your website and optimizing the Rank of Your YouTube Videos .

Using the Images of Affiliate Products

In your website, you will be posting promotional or review posts about the products you promote. Along with that posts are images. Where will you get the images for the affiliate products? The answer is simple. You will simply get them directly from the affiliate products themselves. In order to do this, go to the website where you have acquired the affiliate links. There, you will be able to search for the images of the products you promote.

Using info graphics

There is a special kind of image contains valuable and interesting information yet appealing and attractive. This kind of image is called infographic. Below is an example of an info graphic.

infographics screen

Most people prefer this kind of image since it really is a lot more comfortable and interesting to gather information from attractive image with summarized information already in it. For that reason, it will be wise to incorporate infographics into your website. If you want to create an infographic, you can do it freely from infogr.am. If you want another experienced person to make an infographic for you, then make use of fiverr.com to find gigs offering the service for you. To find someone using fiverr who can do a great infographic for you, follow the steps below.

infogr images

  1. Go to fiverr.com
  2. If you still do not have an account, go to sign up then provide all the necessary information they demand from you.
  3. In the search bar, input “infographic.”
  4. After searching, you will find a lot of gigs or services related to infographic.
  5. Before you hire a seller, make sure to check the feedbacks first to make sure that you will be hiring a good and deserving seller. There are also other sellers who are skillful and fast enough to do the job for you. Therefore, you should be on the lookout to find an experienced and fast worker for you to receive a great work as soon as possible.

Now, you have completed most of the section of the guide about blog posts. For the next part, you will continue to learn more from them, specifically about text banners, which are posts that can get viral instantly.Now move to Setting Up Your CPA System Part 8