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Setting Up Your CPA System Part 8

For this part of the guide, you will continue to learn more about blog posts, more specifically text banners. Text banners are amazing. They are easy to create and can go viral on the internet within minutes.What’s more? Creating text banners are free. If you want to add text banners on your website, you should use PicMonkey.com, an image editor and text editor website. To do this easily and successfully, follow the steps below.
Go to Picmonkey.com
Next, click design.
2. Next, click design.

Click the “Tt” icon to input a text.

3. Click the “Tt” icon to input a text.

After choosing text, input whatever you want as long as it will make your website a lot better and attractive.
You are done! Surely, it is as easy as eating a piece of cake.

Things That You Should Now Do

Now that you know a lot of things about posts and how to create, them it is now the time for you to incorporate your knowledge into creating them for your website. For recommendation, you should create about twenty posts for your website. Create any kind of posts to your website including an image post, a text post, an infographic, a text banner, or more. As a reminder, if you want to post an infographic to your website, you do not need to accompany it with a text. As long as it has a title, good quality photos, and clear texts, you are good to go.

Now, since you will be using Pinterest to generate traffic to your website, you need to upload image posts into your website a lot more often. Most importantly, you should create posts that are related to your image. In order to do that, you should find an image then think of a topic for it. For example, if you have an image that has a happy woman putting a tape measure on her belly, then your topic can be “Losing Weight In Just 4 Weeks!” Alternatively, you can do the inverse, that is, determine your topic first then find an image associated or related to your topic.

If you have the talents or skills of writing blog posts or choosing the right blog post for your website, then do it yourself. However, if you think that your skills are not good enough for you to handle blog posting, then you can outsource your blog posts. For instance, you can make use of fiverr.com to find people who are willing to write blog posts for you. You should then find a good image for that post. Alternatively, you can write a blog post for your website then use fiverr.com to find people who can provide you with self-made images for your blog post.

Optionally, you can make your blog posts a lot more appealing and attractive. You can do this be editing your posts by adding effects, colors, texts, or other features or designs to them. DO not be intimidated when doing this. Undoubtedly, you can edit your posts easily as editing images using the editor you used a while ago, PicMonkey.com. To edit posts using Picmoneky.com, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Picmonkey.com.
  2. Choose or click on edit.

Choose or click on edit.

3.  Choose the image from your computer by locating or searching it manually.

image from your computer by locating or searching it manually.

  1. Edit your image. Fortunately, Picmoneky.com provides a lot of features that you can use in order to turn your image into something a lot more interesting and attractive. Do not worry since these features are freely usable. If you think that you are still a beginner when it comes to editing your image using Picmonkey.com, then you can read or watch tutorials on how to use the features provided by Picmonkey. Alternatively, you can upload an image to Picmonkey then experiment with the available features.
  2. Save the image after editing them. If you still have a lot more images for post, make sure to edit them as well using Picmonkey.com.
  3. Go back to the dashboard of your website or WordPress’ Dashboard.
  4. Go to posts then click on add new.
  5. Pick a title for your post. Make sure that the title is as appealing and attractive as the image itself.
  6. Click on add media then choose add an image too upload the image you have just created.
  7. Add some text below. That text is simply your article. Likewise, the article should also be as appealing and informative as your image and title.
  8. Remember to incorporate the affiliate links into your post in order for you to generate income from commissions.
  9. Do these things for your other image posts as well.

Congratulations! You can now create the posts for your website. You have also completed setting up your CPA system, a.k.a your website which will be the system that will generate cash for you through traffic and leads generation. For the next part, you will create a Pinterest account in order to generate traffic. Traffic generation is extremely important. The traffic of your website will determine your income.Must read some Additional Tips as well .