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Software & Tools for ClickBank Affiliates Sales Tracking

Software Tools for Affiliates (Sales Tracking) As i mention in my old  in old post about best software tools for affiliates store fronts but in this post you can read about sales tracking tools helps you know the most effective promotional methods you incorporate as well as the least effective ones.

The ability to track and test the results of your sales is a key factor in the successful promotion of your products or the products of vendors you promote.

If you are able to pinpoint which advertising methods are making more sales than others, then you will be able to discard those ineffective advertising or promotional methods that you are currently incorporating. That way, you will be able to save some cash from investing for these ineffective promotional methods. Instead, you can use those cash to invest on profitable promotional methods.Software Tools for ClickBank Affiliates Sales Tracking

Normally, ClickBank will give you the option to append a tracking code to your affiliate hoplinks. However, if you want to process an extensive tracking, then your best bet is to use an ad tracker. Making use of an ad tracker differs when it comes to vendors and affiliates. However, the benefits that an ad tracker gives are optimal for both of them.

Ad Tracker for Product Owners

For a product owner or vendor like you, you should use an ad tracking program that can track an action such as a sale. This can be done by appending a line of tracking code to the “thank you” page.

Ad Tracker for Affiliates

Ad tracker for affiliates differ from that of the product owners mainly because unlike vendors or product owners, affiliates will not be able to access the “thank you” page. Therefore, as an affiliate, you need to make use of an ad tracking tool or program that will be able to track events happening at a remote site.

An example of an excellent ad tracker that can help you with this is AdTrackz.

All that you need to do is to convince or let the product owner or vendor know that he has to append one line of code to his website in order to allow you, the affiliate, to track their sales. Moreover, with this ad tracking tool, there is no need for the affiliate to purchase the program.