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Software Tools for ClickBank Affiliates

Software Tools for Affiliates(Affliate Cloner)As an affiliate marketer of ClickBank, it is very important for you to prioritize your security and protection not only for yourself but also for your earnings. One way to do this is to protect your hoplinks. As you have previously learned, hoplinks are the affiliate links that ClickBank will give you as default link for your sales. However, this initial link that they will give you is not well protected. In order to protect these links, you need to cloak them. If you will not be able to, your customers can redirect the link so that they will be the ones who will earn your deserved commissions. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your link including the use of powerful tools to cloak them. This article will teach you the ways.

Software Tools for ClickBank Affiliates

The traditional hoplink that ClickBank will give you looks like this:


However, if you cloak it, it will somehow look like this:


The cloak link will redirect your customers into the hop link but will still give you your commissions for any sales that have been made.

Why Should You Cloak Your Link?

  • To prevent your nickname from being visible to the public.
  • To help prevent other people from hijacking your hard earned commissions.
  • To make your links shorter and cleaner.
  • To make your link appear more attractive to people.

Affiliate Cloner

Fortunately, there is a tool which can help you cloak your hoplinks. The tool is called ClickBank’s affiliate cloner. It can help you solve the three most common problems that affiliates like you encounter.

1. When you do not cloak your hoplinks, other people can easily change your nickname from the link into theirs. As a result, they will be the ones who will earn your commissions when sales are met instead of you. However, affiliate cloner can cloak or disguise your links for you to prevent commission hijacking from occurring.

2. Affiliate cloner helps you link directly to the order page. As a result, vendors will not be able to manipulate customers into going directly to their sales page. Thus, you will earn your commission if you will be able to sell their products.

3. Affiliate cloner allows you to link to the specific product you promote if the vendor has multiple products in his page. Therefore, the vendor will not be able to use you in order to promote their other products as well. They will only be able to promote the products you and him agreed to be promoted.