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The Google Panda Update and Its Effects

What is the Google Panda Update?
Recently, Google has updated its algorithms in terms of search engine functions in an update called the Panda update. This update was applied on the Google search engine, which created numerous complaints, controversies, and havoc in all of the internet industry. Such negative reactions from the mass are due to the Panda update’s effects which are being condemned by SEO users.

Google Panda

Purpose of the Panda Update

The main purpose of the Panda update is to remove and eradicate all low quality contents as well as those that contents that are considered as spams. Such contents are those that are only trying to rank high in search engines but are not really providing quality contents to the people. Therefore, if you search on Google, due to the Panda update, you will get more relevant search results that are guaranteed to be of higher quality.

The Effects to Traffic Enthusiasts Providing Low Quality Contents

If you have a website which you created in order to just generate traffic to your site, then you are at a major disadvantage with the Panda update. Websites that only want to attract more visitors to earn some reputation and make others click their ads are the main targets of the Panda update. These kinds of websites give either misleading information to the readers or just contents that are not relevant at all. All they want to do is to either gain reputation or generate cash for the ads displayed on their sites.

Since people really want useful, beneficial, and necessary information, once they input the keywords on search engines, Google made the Panda update.

The Effects to People Who Provide High Quality Contents

On the other hand, for those websites who are really giving necessary, important, and relevant contents to the readers, they are at a great advantage. Since those websites that are not giving quality contents will go down the rank, those good sites that were previously below will go up the ranks. For instance, if you are working hard with producing high quality contents on your site including the texts, videos, images, audios, and more, then you may go up the rank at search engines and generate more traffic to your site. To put it simply, if you value high quality, then the Panda Update will surely become one of your best friends.

For Those Who Do Not Know What happened to their Websites

However, if you have a website and you think that you produce high quality contents but still negatively affected by the Panda update, then check your contents again. Make sure that they are original, free of errors, and necessary to be read. Ask yourself; are your contents any relevant at all? Are your contents full of grammatical errors? If you are not an expert of proofreading, then you should ask for the assistance of an expert.

In general, Panda update is a way to improve searches on search engines. It is aimed to provide high quality services to people.