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The Ultimate CPA Course: Setting Up Your CPA System Part 1

After knowing the particular niche that you like to post contents about, it is now the time for you to build your CPA system which will automatically generate cash for you. Your CPA system is simply your website that you want to get affiliated to business owners in order to advertise their products in exchange to you earning commissions. Creating your own website is as simple as it can be. However, you should still exert enough efforts in order to create a good and interesting one which will surely attract people into it.

Setting Up Your CPA System Part 1

Registering Your Own Domain Name

First, you should register your own domain name. A domain name is like an identity of a website or the name of the website. Different websites have different domain names which distinguish them from one another. We use computers and other similar devices to surf the internet. Computers in turn, communicate via IP addresses like These figures are represented by domain names. So for example, is the IP address of Facebook. If there is no domain name, for you to go to Facebook, you still have to type on the address bar. Alternatively, you could just type the domain name of Facebook which is Facebook.com to easily access the website. In general, domain names not only give the identity of a website but it also makes it easier for us to access the website.

Domain names, however, are not free. For you to register your own domain name, you should purchase one from domain registrars. You simply need to purchase a domain name by giving the name you suggested. If yours is unique, then you may be granted the permission to use that domain name. If not, then you may be prompted to change yours. An example of a great domain name registrar is Namecheap. That domain registrar surely excels when it comes to customer service. Moreover, their interface is highly commendable, making you easily navigate through the site.

As an affiliate marketer, when you register a domain name for your website, you should decide the name while taking into consideration the two kinds of domain names namely brand domain name and exact domain name. However, for this guide, it is highly recommended for you to choose a brand domain name instead of an exact domain name mainly because of the appeal to the internet users. Without a doubt, people on the internet will find a brand domain name like poundbreaker.com a lot more interesting and legitimate than an exact domain name like losingpoundsin4weeks.com. Furthermore, you should remember that you will use Pinterest for traffic and lead generation which is why it is important to consider that while choosing a domain name for your website.

Let us take Namecheap as an example of a domain name registrar in order for you to know how to register your domain name.

  1. Using your most preferred browser, go to Namecheap.com.


  1. At the uppermost part of the page and to the left of that part, you will see a button named sign up. Click that button.

button named sign up

Go back to the homepage in order for you to sign in to your account.

sign in to your account

After signing in, you should go back to the homepage once again.
Go to the search field.

Go to the search field

Type your domain name into the search field then click search. As much as possible, try to stick to only one of these three extensions: .com, .net, and .info.

Click the button named “add to cart.” It means that you are willing to purchase that particular domain name. If you are sure to purchase that domain name, then click checkout.
add to cartYou will receive an email confirmation about your transaction with Namecheap.

After accomplishing those, congratulations! You now have your own domain name. For the next part, you will learn how to get a good web host for your website. Without a host, you cannot make your website function.

Getting a Web Host

Every website needs a web host. Having a web host is like having a space for you to put your website into, just like renting an apartment. When you have your web host, you will be able to drive traffic into your website, just like inviting visitors into your apartment. For recommendation, you could use the hosting company called Hostgator to host your website. This hosting company is quite popular among website publishers for their commendable service and professionalism. If you would like to use other web hosts, then you should make sure that the web host you choose is good enough. Try to research the internet and seek information regarding how to find a good web host for you. If possible, try the tutorials and demos of other web hosts for you to self-assess whether a web host is good enough.

To guide you, let us take Hostgator as an example.

  1. Hostgator scrren shot

On the upper left part of the page, you will see a button named web hosting. Click that button.

button named web hostingYou will then be redirected to the part where you choose among different plans. If you are just starting out and have not enough knowledge about website publishing, then you should consider choosing the baby plan first

consider choosing the baby plan first

Fill in all the blanks and required information about you. Additionally, you should unchecked the hosting add-ons to void paying more fees.

hosting add-ons to void paying more fees hosting add-ons to void paying more fees

  1. After providing all the required information about your registration, you will be prompted to input a coupon code which will give you a discount. In order to get a 9.94 dollar discount, input the code “pindiscount.”After that, your registration is complete.
  2. After your registration, you will receive an email notification from Hostgator.com. it is an email about your confirmation to register into their website. The email also includes the nameservers. Take note of those.
  3. Sign in to your Namecheap account, the account you created earlier regarding the registration of the domain name for your website.
  4. Click the button named “view number of domains in your account.”
  5. Click the domain name of your website you have registered a while ago.
  6. Choose “Transfer DNS to webhost.”
  7. You will be redirected to a page wherein you should provide a specific information to the blanks. Remember the nameservers included in the email notification sent to you by Hostgator.com? Copy those nameservers then paste them into the blank.
  8. After typing in the nameservers, you should click on “save changes.” Then you are done!

After accomplishing everything mentioned above, you now have your own registered domain name as well as the web host for your website. For the next section, you will learn how to set up your website using WordPress, a website that excels due to the innovations and user-friendliness of setting up your own website.Now move to Setting Up Your CPA System Part 2.