The Ultimate CPA Course: Setting Up Your CPA System Part 2

Back in the days, creating and maintaining a website is extremely difficult. You have to know pertinent information about programming in order to build your own website. You have to memorize a lot of confusing codes in order to build a website. You also need to study the tools and materials necessary for computer programming. Even if you want to build a simple website, you still need to memorize codes for hours or even for days just to build it. However, nowadays, all of those difficulties have been greatly minimized due to new tools and software that make it a lot easier to build a website. One of these software programs is WordPress.

Setting Up Your CPA System Part 2

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on MySQL and PHP. It is a tool used for blogging and for maintaining a website. With WordPress, you can create your own website in just a matter of minutes. In fact, many business owners included in Fortune magazine’s Fortune 500 use WordPress as their primary content management system. For that reason, you can assure that WordPress is really a legitimate and reliable CMS.

For this course guide, you will be using WordPress as your primary CMS> However, you will be using it with the integration of Hostgator or your own chosen web host.

Setting Up Your Website With WordPress

Go to the email confirmation that Hostgator sent you. There, you will be able to find a link. Click that link in order to be redirected to another page where you must sign up to access your Hostgator control panel.

Setting Up Your Website With WordPress

Once you are in the control panel area, you must scroll down the page in order to go to the software/services section. There, you will see the option called “QuickInstall.” Choose that option.
On the side bar, you will see WordPress as well as its icon. Click the WordPress button.

Setting Up Your Website With WordPress

On the side bar, you will see WordPress as well as its icon. Click the WordPress button.

Setting Up Your Website With WordPress

Afterwards, the website will congratulate you for the installation. You will also be given your username and password. Take note of those two important information. However, make sure that you keep them in a private and safe place.

Setting Up Your Website With WordPress

Next, you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard. You only need to type a specific URL in your address bar. The URL is in this format: So for instance, if the domain name of your website is, then you have to input http://aamiriqbalinline/wp-admin into the address bar.

Once you are now in the website, enter your username and password that you have noted before.You have now installed WordPress.

Adding a Theme for Your Website

Once you have installed WordPress, your website will automatically have the default theme of WordPress. Normally, the default theme is the current year. However, it is recommended for you to select a more appealing and interesting theme which will suit your website as well as your niche.

install theme

If you want premium themes, you can purchase them from Themeforest or Wootheme. However, it is already adequate for you to choose free themes. On your WordPress account, go to appearance then choose themes.Now move to Setting Up Your CPA System Part 3

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