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The Ultimate CPA Course: Traffic Generation Part 2

After knowing how to create a board on Pinterest, pinning images on your boards, and using your website’s images to pin to your boards, it is now the time for you to step up your website’s traffic generation by using Pinterest itself to interact with the social media. Basically, what you need to do is to repin images, follow other users, and comment on their pins.Repinning
In Pinterest, repining images is like retweeting on Twitter. Repinning images will fill up your boards, therefore giving them a good impression from the visitors. Moreover, when you repin images from users with a large following base, then there will be a chance for your boards to get noticed by these eminent users and hopefully, they will take time to give their attention to your profile, follow you, and to repin the images you post. You want to have around 200 pins per board or 250 pins if you have four boards. However, there is a limit as to how many pins you can do on Pinterest. To be on the safe side, try to limit your pins up to 200 pins a day. When create an account with Pinterest, your browser will automatically have a Pinterest icon which you can use to pin any image you see on site. It is like bookmarking the pages that you are interested with but this time, you are using a social media site. In order to pin pages of other sites, click the Pinterest icon located near the address bar of your browser.

Pin Repin

You should then select the image that you wish to pin. Next, input the description by telling why you would like to share the image. If possible, put your comment as well. Moreover, do not forget to include your post’s main keyword, a hashtag, and the link to your website. It is highly recommended for you to surf the web in search for good images. There is a chance that some great images are still not being repinned by other Pinterest users. If that image goes viral, the credits are all yours. Also, do not forget to repin great images from other Pinterest users. There is a chance that they will also get back to you to see your pins in order for them to pick which ones should they repin. To find some images that you can repin, go to the category of your choice, you will then see the list of images that you can repin. If you want to repin an image, click the pin button then enter the description of that image. You can also use the search bar of Pinterest to look for images. The processes and directives can get difficult to carry out at time. However, if you will be able to thoroughly and successfully follow them, you will surely enjoy the results.


After you have reached the recommended 200 pins a day, you should then start to following other users. Similar to repining images of other users, when you follow other Pinterest users, they will get a notification saying that you have followed the. When you do this to other users, there is a high probability that they will follow you back. If they do, there is also a chance that their followers may follow. So it is like a domino effect. When one starts to follow you, others might too.

It is highly recommended to follow users with a large base of followers. The main reason for that is there will be a larger audience who might also follow you. Moreover, you should choose to follow users who are mid-sized pinners since they will most likely be responsive. Following these recommendations will help you maintain a good ratio for followers and following.

In order to find users with a large base of followers, go to your Pinterest account then select your category. Next, find users with pins that have the most repins and like. Alternatively, you can go to http://www.pinterest.com/popular. There, you will be able to see users who are popular within Pinterest with a large number of followers. You should then find and choose only the pins that are relevant to your website.

There will be times when Pinterest users whom you do not know or you do not follow choose to follow you. When this happens, make sure to follow them back. Moreover, you should also follow the users whom you get repins from. The followers of those users may take interest into your pins. Like repining images, you should also try to follow about 200 users each day. Continue these processes for 5 days until you have 1000 followers and 1000 repins.


Commenting is a great method for you to use in order to obtain more followers. However, like following Pinterest users, you should also focus on commenting to users with a large number of followers. Since these users are popular, their pins will get repined by a lot of other users, therefore your comment will spread to different user boards. However, unlike Facebook, comments on Pinterest will usually not exceed 10 comments. For this reason, your comment will stand out, especially if you are the first user to give a comment. However, you should not just comment without thinking or without being careful. Make sure to leave good comments in order to impress the people who will see them. If that happens, there will be a higher chance that they will like your comment or even check out your own boards.

If you want to comment to a pin, you only need to click on the “add a comment” box located below the image or pin.

However, unlike repining and following, you will not aim to comment about 200 comments a day to different pins. What you should do is to give comments once in a while, especially to pins that really impressed your eyes.Now move to Setting Up Your CPA System Part 3.