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The Ultimate CPA Course: Traffic Generation

Now that you are in this section of the entire guide, you may already have a website or your CPA system. It is now the time for you to generate traffic into your website using our beloved social media site called Pinterest. Before you can use Pinterest, like other social media websites, you first need to create an account with it. To do so, follow the easy step by step process below.

Go to Pinterest.com

Pinterest screen shot

Click sign up with email.

Pinterest screen shot

Click the portion with the question “are you a business?”

Pinterest screen shot

You will be redirected to another form page where you need to fill in all the blanks providing all the required information about you and your business. You will also need to upload your logo. Right now, if you are following this course guide thoroughly, you already have a logo for your website. If you still do not have one, then go back to the section called “setting up your CPA system part 2.”

Pinterest screen shot

Go to your email account then check for the confirmation email that Pinterest will send you.

Verifying Your Website Now that you have your Pinterest account, you need to get your website verified in order for it to be showed up on the search results as well as to your profile. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Pinterest account.
  2. Go to settings then click on website.
  3. Enter the URL of your website then choose “verify website.”
  4. You can verify your website using either one of the two ways. First you can download the verification file provided by Pinterest. Go to your Hostgator control panel, go to file manager, select web root, then upload your verification file. Second way to verify your website is by using a meta tag. First, copy the meta tag code. Second, go to your WordPress dashboard. Third, go to appearance, choose editor, then click on header. Lastly, paste the code you have copied a while ago to the portion called “head tag.” If you tried to use both of these two ways to verify your website on Pinterest but none is working, you can try to download a plugin called Pinterest Verify Meta Tag. Like other plugins on WorPress, it is very easy to install and activate.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Boards

Now that you have verified your website on Pinterest, you should now set up your boards on the website. However, you first need posts before you can do this. If you are following the course guide thoroughly, you now have about 20 blog posts. If not, follow the directive on the section called “Setting Up Your CPA System Part 7.”

In Pinterest, boards are subcategories of pins. For example, if sports is a pin, then it can have several boards including basketball, football, soccer, badminton, swimming, tennis, and more. For recommendation, you should create up to 5 boards in your Pinterest profile. To do that, click on the “+” button on the Pinterest dashboard then choose create a board.

creat a Pinterest board

  1. However, before you confirm to create your board, you should first input the main keyword of your post as well as the link to your website. Follow these steps until you have created 5 boards and name them according to the categories of your posts.

    Creating Your Pins

    When you create your pins, you will be categorizing them for organization so do not insert all of your pins at once. For now, it is adequate to post up to two pins to each of your boards. The main reson for doing that is when you post pins that gains followers, those particular pins will gain a lot more attention. Therefore, you do not want to waste your pins by posting all of them at once. Post a lot more of them only after you have gained more attention, not before you gain attention. Fortunately, if you want to pin to your Pinterest boards right away, you can use the pin icon on your browser to sae you form typing the Pinterest URL and logging in to your website.

    Next, go to your website then click on the pin button. You will have to select from the lot of images in there for you to pin to your Pinterest account. When you have decided which image to pin, choose your board then enter the description of that image. Like before, you also need to input the main keyword of your post as well as the link to your website. Optionally, you can make use of hashtags. As an additional tip, according to experts on Pinterest, the best times to pin images on Pinterest are during 2pm in the afternoon of weekdays and on weekends.

    Those things that you should as mentioned above are only directives for you to attain your ultimate goal. Of course, your goal is to gain free traffic to your website using Pinterest. You can do this by pinning memorable, attractive, inspiring, and humorous images on Pinterest which other people may enjoy and appalled once they see them. Since Pinterest is also a social media website, users who enjoy the images you pin will surely share your images by repining them to their boards. This process goes on and on until the images you pinned goes viral.

    Now that you have your Pinterest account created with you knowing how to create boards and pin images to it, it is now the time for you to use Pinterest to interact with the users. To learn more about it, proceed to the next traffic generation section.