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Things Need To Check On Your ClickBank Sale Page

ClickBank Guide for Beginners: Checking Your Sales Page More often than not, your sales page dictates the number of people who will buy the products you promote. However,ugly, distracting, and untrus tworthy sales pages cannot make customers like that of the opposite. For that reason, you should always visit your sales page to check if it has the potential to sell products for you to earn commissions. In order to assess if your sales page is good enough, you should refer to the factors below.

1. There may be times when you need or you want to include a sign up link to your sales page. If that is the case, you need to make the link to the registration page a hidden or unnoticeable one. If not, your sales page’s visitors may get distracted for that clear or overt link, which may entice them to just become an affiliate themselves. If you think that you have an overt link to the sign up page, then do something to make it hidden or unnoticeable.

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2. There are product owners who chose multiple payment options other than ClickBank. As far as possible, stay away from choosing to promote the products of these kinds of product owners. If not, there is a high possibility that you will not earn your commissions since your customers did not chose ClickBank to pay for the product. Thus, you only lose your deserved commissions.

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3. Another reason why your sales page may not be as effective as you may expect is that your sales page contains a lot of unrelated products. For example, you have your sales page containing products for weight loss, another product for website designing, and another one for computer programming. If that is the case, there is a high chance for your customers to easily get turn off with your sale page. The main reason for this is that you only have one ClickBank account which is restricted to only one landing page. Therefore, if you have a lot of products to promote, make sure to include only those that are related.

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4. If there are many links that can distract your customers to reaching your order page, then they could probably just ignore going to your order page and instead, they will just go to the other links included in your sales page. To put it simply, putting numerous links in your sale page is a major distraction in acquiring actual customers.

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5. Lastly, the product owners may be the ones to capture your commission. Fraudulent vendors may use a pop up to site visitors once these site visitors choose the exit the site. What happens is that the product owners convert the leaving site visitors into sales, thereby getting you no credit or commissions. If you want to prevent this from happening to you, then you should check how to stop click bank link theft.