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Tirck For fixing Monetizing Youtube Videos

As in my old post i teach you about  “How To Remove Copyright Claims & ! Sign On Youtube ” .This is an additional trick to help you solve the “!” sign problem with your re-uploaded YouTube videos. This trick is simple to follow. However, before you begin on following this, make sure that you do not have a 100 percent “!” problem. You can check your uploaded videos by monetizing them to see if at least one of them has the “$” sign. If you have, then proceed to follow this trick. If you have 100 percent “!” then go back to the tips and tricks guide to help you solve it.

What we will be fixing is the “!” sign like this one:

“!” sign like this one

Now, go to creation tools then choose video editor.choose video editorNext, drag a video that has a “$” sign below the videos. Just make sure that this one has the “$”sign. After that, drag the second video which has a “!” sign next to the first video you have dragged.

sign next to the first

Click the publish button.

publish button

The video you have edited will now be processed. The processing time usually depends on the length of the video. Just wait for the process to finish.

process to finish

Once the process is complete, click on actions then choose monetize.

then choose monetize

Click on the “monetize” button.

monetize” button.

After that, your previous “!” video should now be converted to “$.”

video should now be converted to “$.”

And that’s it! A very simple trick! Make sure to convert all of your “!” videos to “$” so that your potential of earning more cash will be improved. Good luck on your ventures!