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Top 5 Free CMS Systems for Your Website

If you operate and manage a large website, then you may already have employed some individuals to take care of the numerous tasks for website management. It really is difficult to run a small website on your own. What’s more if you manage a large website? You have to do all the website designing, editing, and writing of contents, posting, and a lot more. To be able to manage one or more of your websites, then you really should make use of CMS solutions.Top 5 Free CMS Systems for Your Website

When you manage a website, it is not only about posting the contents and keeping up with regular updates. Having a website means that you are also focusing on your business ventures and you are actually putting a lot of your entrepreneurial foundations into your website. With a good website, you will be able to supply details to the public, be open with the public, become accessible to the public, and attract new customers from the public. For this reason, it really is very necessary to take care of your website. In order to successfully accomplish that, you can make use of content management system or CMS.

CMS is one of the most useful ways to manage your website. With CMS, you will be able to edit the theme of your website, manage hundreds of posts, create more user accounts, and other things to do in order to make your website a perfect one. CMS is a great alternative to HTML coding and other kinds of coding languages used for managing a website. It is far faster and easier to use with features allowing you to make use of applications and customer scripts to incorporate different kinds of tools into your website. If you are interested to using CMS, then below are the top 5 CMS used by people all over the world.

First one is WordPress. You can access this CMS via www.wordpresss.org. Considered by most people as the best CMS in the entire world, WordPress make use of a very user-friendly back-end with thousands of free to use plugins and themes, making it a great choice for any kind of project on the internet. Whether you will use it to manage your blog, a website, or both, WordPress is a great choice. If you choose one of the hosting packages from ITX design, you will be provided with a one click installation of WordPress. Therefore, you do not have to download anything and inn fact, the installation process is undoubtedly easy. Moreover, you will be given 24 hours a day and 7 days a week technical support from WordPress, making it even much better CMS for website management.

Second one is the Joomla which is one of the most widely-used CMS with large number of followers for quite some time now. In fact, they have just released some updated versions designed to improve Joomla’s user-friendliness, making it much easier for website managers to use this CMS. The numerous tools that Joomla can provide you are very cheap and affordable, thereby making this CMS a very good choice for content managing. If you want to know more about Joomla, then go to its main website accessible through www.joomla.org.

Third one is Drupal which is another one of the most popular CMS on the internet. This CMS is perfect for those people needing scalability for cheap costs. Although not as popular as Joomla and WordPress, Drupal is still a great choice for a high level of customization an also for those people who need to create their own codes. You can read more about Drupal by going to its website on www.drupal.org.

Fourth one is the CMS MadeSimple, which is a good CMS for website management that can actually be used for free. This is perfect for managing small websites that needs to be developed quickly. It features very useful solution set-ups and is actually very lightweight. From what the name suggests, CMS MadeSimple is very simple and easy to use, making it ideal for those people starting their ventures as website managers. You can know more about CMS MadeSImple by going to the website called www.cmsmadesimple.com.

Last but not the least is Impress CMS from www.impresscms.org. Unlike the previously mentioned ones, Impress CMS is actually new. Despite of this fact, Impress CSM is progressively becoming more and more popular and developed. Editing a word document with this CMS is pretty easy. In fact, it has won an award for being the most promising CMS system of 2008.

Through the use of a CMS system, you will be able to set up its multiple users. In fact, you can assign specific levels of access to each of your team members such as the designers, the content writers, and others. So for example, you can assign your content writer to only write contents, edit blog posts, post contents, and no more. The addition of multiple users into your CMS system makes it much easier for you to see the contribution of each of you team members.

With the numerous tools of a CMS system, you will be able to customize your whole website. There are tools for customizing the themes and templates of your website, thereby allowing you to change its designs. There are also extensions and plugins available that can be used to change the functionality of your website. In fact, there are some very useful plugins with unique functions. There are plugins to speed the loading time of your pages, to connect with people via social media, and any more. Therefore, using a CMS system for your website makes it very much customizable.

Now, you indeed have to choose only one CMS system for your website. This means that you have to choose only one from the aforementioned top 5 CMS systems. Although you may easily opt for WordPress right away, you have to know your needs and preferences as well. What if you will only start a small website? Then CMS MadeSimple is a much better choice than WordPress. What you need to do is to conduct a little bit of research about the aforementioned top five CMS systems. You do not have to worry much about trying each one of them because all of them are actually free. If you do not like one, then go try another one until you found the CMS system best for your website.

Using a CMS system for your website is very necessary especially if you want to turn your small online business into a large and lucrative one.

Most people choose WordPress to create their blog or website. It is probably the easiest CMS system to work with. You can assign specific objectives and tasks differently to your designers, writers, and the rest of your team members. Therefore, they will perform solely the tasks they should be performing without you worrying much about what they are doing.

More importantly, you should also know that using a CMS system also involves you using a third party interface called the cPanel, which is used to govern the different aspects of your website. The cPanel comes along with other tools you can use such as MySQL and PHP, and FrontPage extensions. Using WordPress with MySQL databases allows you to have a very powerful system. Although you may hear MySQL as complicated software to use, you actually do not need to meddle with this if you will use WordPress. When you install WordPress with one click installation, all the other tools and needed software comes along with the process including the installation of the database. So you do not need to worry about complicated processes if you are a beginner.

If you want to install WordPress, then its installation using Fantastico is a great choice. Just select the WordPress from the sidebar menu, enter your domain name, click install, and then lick finish installation. Those are the only things that you need to do to install WordPress and without a doubt, they are effortless to carry out.

One of the main reasons why WordPress is being used by most people is that it allows you to set up multiple profiles. You can assign unique tasks to each of the members of your team. You may assign one for writing contents, one for designing your website, one for maintaining the functionality of your website, and more.

The use of a CMS system also helps you to turn from a small unnoticeable website to a large high trafficked and profitable site. Just do all the things you need to do in order to make your website as perfect as it can be. Make the designs of your website very enticing, write high quality and useful contents for the people on the world of cyberspace, and make sure to post contents regularly.

To make everything perfect, you should partner up your CMS system with the right hosting. You can pretty much accomplish this by getting recommendations from web master and website managers. If you want, you can also just try the different hosts to see which one best fits your CMS system.