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What are Toxic Backlinks and How To Remove Them?

How Toxic Backlinks Created?

If your website has large numbers of toxic backlinks, then it is a possibility you get or make spammy backlinks. There are some backlink providing companies, which makes spammy backlinks to give their clients a sudden boost rank in search engines and this boost Harmful for your website for a long term. So that be careful while creating backlinks for your site or if you hire someone to build backlinks for you. Further, we discuss how to remove Toxic backlinks.

What are Toxic Backlinks and How To Remove Them?

Why is it important to remove toxic backlinks?

This is very important to remove the bad backlinks because of Toxic or bad backlinks negatively or poor impact on your Search engines ranking. Even that if Google notices that this site has a high number of bad links then it the possibility Google removes your site from its database. Non-removal toxic backlinks can also invite a Google Penguin Penalty.

How Would I Know if My Site has Toxic Backlinks?

There are many ways to find Toxic links:

First regularly check your Google Webmaster messages, you may receive a Google Webmasters warning message that is related to toxic backlinks profile of your website.

Secondly, if your organic traffic level has decreased suddenly, then you have been penalized by Penguin and toxic or bad backlinks are likely the cause of this.

If your face this Problem then the very first step you do is find the list of the website backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools and remove all toxic links. You also use Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or SEOmoz to get a complete list of backlinks.

Which Backlinks are Toxic?

After getting the backlink list how we know which backlinks are toxic, The best way is to look each link and find out where they are coming from.  Most of the toxic links come from:

Most of the toxic links come from:

  • Spammy sites or that sites those are created only for link building.
  • Sites which were not index in Google.
  • The Sites they have virus or malware.
  • Link networks.

Identify that types of links and make the new list and one by one remove these toxic backlinks.

How to Remove Toxic Links?

Once you separate all toxic backlinks from the right backlinks, then you should take immediate action and clean them. Here are the steps that you do:

1) Contact the Site Owner:

Some links are not Remove manually then the best way is that contact with that website owner trough webmaster.

2) Disavow Links:

Keep in mind that, disavowing backlinks does not help you to get away with the Google Penguin Penalty and cannot get back you the lost ranking. You will have to remove each and every Toxic backlink manually if Google has penalized you.

3) After the Toxic Backlinks are Removed

When you successfully cleaned up your website’s backlinks, then you can file a reconsideration request to Google. This is a way of admitting your mistake and outlining the steps you have taken to correct the problem, and promising that you will do best SEO practices in future.

Remember that this reconsideration request may take two to three weeks to respond. Performing a backlink audit is a challenging and time-consuming effort. You also hire a reputable SEO company for this Task.