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Use your iPad as a Mouse and Keyboard

To Use iPad as a Mouse and Keyboard

Using a clever program for your PC or MAC, and an equally clever free app, it is possible to use your iPad wireless mouse and keyboard replacement for your desktop computer. You will need a Wi-Fi connection to work.

Step 1 — The first thing you need to do is download a program called Logitech Touch Mouse Server from the Logitech website (www. logitech.com) and install it on your PC or MAC. You need to make sure you download the correct version (32bit, 64bit, OSX, etc).



Step 2 – Once the server is installed, open your programs menu and click on Logitech Touch Mouse Server from the list. On a Windows PC, you will see a small icon in your taskbar when the server is running.


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Step 3 – With the server installation on your desktop computer, it’s time to download and install the free Touch Mouse App for your iPad. Open the app on your iPad.




Ipad Qhelp iamge

Enable Erase Data:

If you do decide to stick with the 4-digit pass it is a good idea to enable the Erase Data option. This will automatically erase all of the data on the iPad if the pass is incorrectly attempted 10 times in a row.


In the event that your iPad is stolen, this should help to stop the thieves getting their hands on your sensitive data. As a safety precaution, after the first few wrong attempts, it stops you from trying for a minute, then on the next failed attempt, it increases the delay to five minutes, and keeps on increasing it till 30 minutes for the last few attempts, before wiping the data of the device


Even if data is accidentally wiped (by a mischievous child perhaps) you can still recover the data as long a you have a backup in iTunes.