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What is a Link Pyramid & How Link Pyramids Helps In Ranking?

Search engine optimization really is one of the most challenging and frustrating things for online marketers. The main reason is that its algorithms are changing over time and online marketers are becoming more and more confused as to what Google really wants. For this reason, a lot of people think that they need to adapt to the constant changes about SEO. However, in reality, there are actually a few things that change and the fundamental principles of SEO remain the same. For instance, online marketers do SEO only for building links and improving website ranks. However, if you read forums and other online posts about SEO, you will see a lot of methods that people are proposing about ranking their websites. Below are some of these methods:

  • Churn and Burn Websites – this is a method where in people buy websites then spam with by sending extremely large amounts of link. In order to rank their websites. This method is effective, however, they will soon be penalized and need to build their website all over again. People following this method can definitely earn some cash. However, this is a non-sustainable business model and should not be followed.
  • 301 redirects– this is a method wherein people buy high PR domains then redirect these domains these domains into their own website. This method can increase the ranking of their website but not for a very long time. However, this business model is not recommended because it is not safe.You can read  in my old post which is about Step By Step Guide-How to do the 301 Redirect For Traffic
  • Random Link Spam – this is a method wherein people spam their own website by sending multiple links and building a lot of keywords. This is not recommended since your website is your money machine. You are working hard to build it and you should not just spam it just to earn some cash.
  • Link Wheels – this one is similar to link pyramid but has a huge foot print. Basically, this method requires people to interconnect all of their Tier 1 links. However, according to some people who have used this method, they were not able to experience good results after sometime. Thus, it is safe to stay away from this method.
  • Link Pyramids – this is another method and is actually the topic for this article. Link pyramids are highly recommended ways to boost your website ranking. If you want to know more about this method, then you better continue reading.

What is a Link Pyramid?

A link pyramid is simply a tiered link structure. As you go up each of the tier, the links become greater in number and each tier that comes first before another tier will be supported. However, the links could also become much spammer. The image below will explain this to you.


Let us break down this image for you to understand how link pyramid work. First, your tier 1 links, the ones that point to your website which is 40 web 2.0s in this example, are the highest quality links in your pyramid. The main function of the link pyramid is to drastically strengthen your tier 1 links. For that reason, high PR links would be the best thing to do. This can be done by pointing other links into it. However, these links that you will point at them should have considerable page rankings as well.

So now, you might be thinking why not just send these high PR links into your website. Well, if you send them to your web 2.0 then you will have your own high PR pages that you can use whenever you want to.

Thus, you need to find some services that sell or offer high PR links. Usually, you can find some in the form of blog comments. Just order them in bulk and do not worry because these ones are just cheap.

As for recommendation, you can just use the extremely cheap high PR links from blackhatlinks. However, you should not send these links to your website. What you need to do is to send them to your web 2.0s or in the form of buffer links.

The Web 2.0 Formula

Since you will be working with traffic, real people will visit your website. Therefore, you need to have a descent website where people can become engage into staying at your website. In order to do that, you can make use of the web 2.0 formula. All you need to do is to make high quality articles including relevant videos and images. Afterwards, you will place 2 links on the page. One link will point towards the page that you wanted to rank while the other link will point towards the home page of your website. Your brand name should be the anchor text for the link that points into your home page.

You would to create about 20 to 60 of these web 2.0s for your first tier. Of course, you will be sending other links to your money site as well. However, these links are the most important of all of your links.

Building Up Your Second Tier

Your 2nd tier is not as important as it may seem. However, there are two integral reasons for building the tier 2.

  1. High PR links. Since the higher the quality of your links, the better it is for you so try to aim for private blog networks.
  2. Social Bookmarks. They easily become indexed.

The purpose of your tier 2 is to strengthen your tier 1 by getting them more indexed and boosting their PR. For that reason, high PR links are so important. If you will not use them, it will be very difficult for you to boost the PR of your tier 1 links.

Building Up Your Tier 3

You can build up your 3rd tier through forum profiles, article directories, Wikis, RSS, social bookmarks, and blog comments. Just make numerous links in this tier and point each one of them to tier 2 only. Do not worry if spam comes in because it is only natural.

If you carefully follow the things mentioned above, then your concept map should now look like this:

Link Wheel

When it comes to dripping the links, it will take only four day to drip the first tier, one week to drop the second tier, and one week to drip the third tier.

What Is Best Anchor Diversity

In today’s SEO world, having an anchor diversity is a must have. However, you would want to rank your tier 1 first before the succeeding tiers. In order to do that, follow the percentages below:

  • 35 percent page URL
  • 25 percent main keyword
  • 20 percent secondary keyword
  • 15 percent home page URL
  • 5 percent random words

Therefore, most of your links should come from the page URL. This will be followed by your main keyword and your secondary keyword. Your home page URL should come after that and the last one should be your random words.

That’s all for link building with link pyramids. However, this method does not work for everyone. Therefore, you should mix some things up in order for you to find the most suitable processes for you. Good Luck!