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What is Blogging and How to Earn Cash through it?

Nowadays, more and more people are getting engaged into blogging. When you surf the internet to look for information, you will most likely find a lot of the answers you needed from blogs. A blog is simply a term derived from the word “weblog”, which is another common term and the combination of “web log.” And as you know, web log simply means a diary on the web. Therefore, this takes us to the true meaning of blogging: a diary online.

What is Blogging

Back in the days, blogging is simply a hobby enjoyed by some people. They put their experiences, feelings, favorites, and a lot more things about their selves on their blogs. However, due to the popularity of blogging, experts got a good idea of turning it into a lucrative business. Since most people enjoy reading blogs as much as they do reading newspapers and magazines, businessmen earning from the traditional paper works walked the paths of blogging to earn as well. As of this point, blogging, when done properly, is now one of the most profitable businesses in the world of internet, and maybe in the entire world as well.

If you want to establish your own blog, you may have already read or heard how overwhelming it is to accomplish all the things needed in order to start and maintain your own blog. Although it really is difficult at first, once you have managed to know all the things that should be done, you will surely earn a lot of income.

First, blogging is not just about writing what first came into your mind and let all of your articles unfit each other. When you start a blog, you should first think of a topic that you want to write about. Once you have a topic that you really want to write about, that is the time to start blogging. For example, if you want to write about games, then your blog will be all about games.

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Second, think of a good name for your blog. This name will be the domain name of your blog. For example, if your blog is all about sports, then you can name your domain as “sporty blog.” Just think of a good name related to your topic. Of course, you do not want to name your blog about books as “movie lover” since you will surely confuse people visiting your blog.

Third, choose a good web host for your website. There are a lot of great web host out there that can provide you with good features to maintain your website. However, most of them come with a price. Fortunately, if you want to experiment first and test your skills, you can host your website with a free web host. The only problem you have is that choosing free web hosts limits the features of your website. For example, you will be only limited to upload only up to 10 videos and 50 pictures.

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Fourth, choose CMS or content management for your website. This is a major component of blogging. It involves you assigning your team members their own responsibilities and tasks on your website. For example, you will assign one for the designs, one for the themes, one for the plugins, two or more for the contents, and more. However, there are different CMS available on the internet nowadays. Just make sure to choose the best one for your website. I suggest you go for blogger or word press

Which CMS is Good

Now, blogging is not just about exerting efforts without rewards. Who would not want to earn income from such an enjoyable thing to do? Of course you want to. One thing that you can do is to apply on AdSense to earn income from blogging.

Google Adsense

First of all, what is Google AdSense? Well, it is simply an opportunity given to website publishers by Google. Once website publishers, like you, apply for Google AdSense, they will be the one to display targeted advertisements on your website. When this happens, Google makes use of your website to attract people into those advertisements by either seeing the ads on your posts or by directly clicking those ads which will redirect them to another website. When this happens, you earn money just like when Television shows earn income from the advertisements they show while the TV show is having a break. There are a few things that you should accomplish before you can apply on Google AdSense. However, one you have accomplished that, you will then be given a great opportunity to earn a lot of money.

In the world of blogging, traffic is money. Traffic is simply the people visiting your website. What you have to do is to gain more visitors or traffic into your website so that there will be more chances for you to earn cash from AdSense through their pay per click terms. You can create advertisements yourself for people to visit your website. You can use social media websites to promote your business. You can also tell your friends and relatives to visit your site as well as for them to promote your website.

Another thing that you can do to increase your Google AdSense earnings is to choose a high paying niche. Believe it or not but some niches have advertisements that pay higher than others. For instance, the health, insurance, forex, and Web hosting niches have advertisements that pay higher than others. The main reason for this is that the people involved in these niches have much more to pay.

Although you may only think of it as a minor part of Google AdSense, theme is a major way to earn your Google AdSense earnings. Choosing the right theme can gain you more traffic into your website. The right theme means your website having elaborate and simple directories which visitors of your website can make use of in order to easily navigate through it.

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Another key to earn more from Google AdSense is to write more contents into your website. Good contents with enticing titles and high quality texts will surely be enjoyed by website visitors. If they do so, they will expect more from you. Therefore, you have to maintain the quality of your post as well as to try to write more of them. Not only will you be able to maintain your current website visitors, but you will also be able to attract more traffic into your website. As what was mentioned earlier, more traffic means more cash.Here you can read how you can read how you can get google adsense approval fast.

Now, after learning all of those things, you will surely be able to create a high quality blog that can earn more with Google AdSense. Just make sure to follow the things mentioned above. If you ever forget a single reminder, or if you got lost on your way, do not think twice about reading this article once again.