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What is Clickbank Gravity ? Understanding Clickbank Gravity

Without a doubt, ClickBank Gravity Is a topic that almost all ClickBank users out there are confused about or wants to know more about. There is a lot of information provided out there for people to understand the concept of ClickBank Gravity. Unfortunately, most of them are not reliable at all due to misleading and perplexing information and details. Fortunately, this guide, from the ClickBank experts, will give you all the facts about ClickBank gravity without even a single misleading or incorrect information. If you want to fully understand how ClickBank gravity works, then continue reading this guide.

What is Gravity?

When you use ClickBank, you will deal with some statistics which will help you throughout your ClickBank ventures. One of these stats is the gravity. ClickBank defines gravity as a performance statistics that represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that considers the number of affiliates who has promoted a certain product over the course of the past 12 weeks. Thus, gravity indicates the popularity of ClickBank products in terms of the number of affiliates who promote them. For instance, those products with a high gravity rate are the ones that are being promoted by a lot of affiliates most likely due to the good quality of the product or its age.

The Calculation

Although ClickBank does not provide users with the exact details about how gravity is being computed, a lot of users have figured out how to calculate this statistics. As a general rule of thumb, ClickBank users assign a gravity of 1 to a sale made during the current week. This rate will then drop to 0 after 12 weeks. In week 2, the rate will be 0.91, which will then continuously drop until week 12 wherein the gravity is equal to 0.

Therefore, you can deduce the number of affiliates who have made sales for a product within the past 12 weeks. So if the gravity is 100, it means that at least 100 affiliate were able to make sales. However, these figures are only estimates since the true value cannot be determined.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that gravity does not depend on the number of sales. It solely depends on the number of affiliates who are promoting a certain product. For example, 100 affiliates made 1 sale each, thus accounting for 100 sales. This will give a gravity of 100. On the other hand, if there is only one affiliate who made 100 sales, the gravity rate will only be equal to 1 since only one affiliate was able to make sales from the specific product.

Implication of gravity

Gravity helps you know the estimated number of affiliates who made a sale for a certain product. It can give you an idea as to what products you should promote. However, you should still keep in mind that the higher the gravity rate, the stronger the competition. Also, gravity does not tell how successful are the affiliates when it comes to promoting the specific product. An affiliate who made 100 sales will give the same gravity rate for an affiliate who made only one sale. Moreover, gravity is measured only for the past 12 weeks. The popularity of the product may only be due to its launch.

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Gravity Manipulation

You should also keep in mind that people on the internet can do some things in order to manipulate the rate of gravity shown in ClickBank. For example, if a product owner wants to increase the gravity rate for his product, he can easily set up different affiliate accounts in order to use them as rotating basis for his own sales and also to purchase his own products. Furthermore, he could also ask his affiliates to buy the products from their own accounts then reimburse their payments on ClickBank or give them bonuses.

Fortunately, you can make use of different tools for ClickBank in order to know if the gravity rate for a product is legitimate enough. One of the tools that you can use is called CBEngine.


How to Use Gravity for Vendors?

As the product owner, you would want more affiliates to promote our product. However, affiliates have the freedom of choosing products they should promote. It will be a problem for you if no affiliates are choosing you product as one that they should promote to the people. Gravity is one major factor that affiliates consider when it comes to choosing the right products that they should promote. They often promote those products with a high rate of gravity. For that reason, product owners want to increase the gravity of their products so that more and more affiliates will choose their products to be promoted.

How to Use Gravity for Affiliates?

As an affiliate, you should consider several key factors when it comes to choosing the right product to promote while considering gravity.

  1. Consider the commissions that you will receive. Go back to the ClickBank calculator section in order to know how much you can earn by promoting a certain product.
  2. Consider the strength of the sales page. Does the sales page converts well? Are there any sales page wherein you lose your hard earned and deserved commissions?
  3. Is the product in demand?

However, you should also keep in mind that refund rates and conversion rates are not being given out by ClickBank. So if you want a detailed explanation about these things then you should go visit the ClickBank guide for newbies section.

Gravity and Competition

Competing with rival affiliates can be difficult and challenging. Therefore, you should go for promoting low gravity products which indicates lower number of affiliates. This also means that there is less competition.

The Importance of Gravity to ClickBank Users

  • For vendors, gravity is very important since increasing its rate means that they can obtain more affiliates to promote their products.
  • For affiliates, gravity is somewhat important in some fields only primarily because gravity tells affiliates about sales and not about the conversion rates. Moreover, high gravity just means that there are a lot of affiliates who are making sale out of a certain product. However, the figures do not indicate how successful the product is. Gravity is also important for affiliates who want to promote products with less competition.

Those are pretty much all the things you need to know about gravity. Whether you are a vendor or an affiliate, it is very important for you to know the concept of gravity. Make sure to increase your gravity rate is you are a vendor. On the other hand, make sure to rely on gravity when it comes to predicting the competition of affiliates among products, if you are an affiliate. Good Luck!