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Why & How To Create Landing Pages For Keywords Ranking

Keyword research is discussed in detail in Step -1 & Step -2 of the series, now is the time to give it a final touch.

Create The Landing Pages:

By using the list that you have made for the keywords, try to accommodate the keywords in a table. It depends upon you whether you want the table on Google Docs, Excel or any other sheet software. It will certainly help you to create landing pages accordingly. In column 1, insert the SEARCH ITEMs by online users and keep on adding the columns as per your site’s structure. The figures are attached below that help you to give an idea about how to get it done.


The accurate your table would be – brighter are the chances that you will get enhanced traffic to your webpage. Make sure that you do prepare landing page of every given search item from the table.

 Example For Keyword Research:

 The research and theory related to keywords is quite interesting and stimulating for the online developers out there. For better understanding, we’ll provide the research with 3 simple steps. Starting with a scenario, say that you have a blog related to children. Your webpage provides information regarding children information ranging from children’s room to children’s clothes. Now, you have to stay attentive and careful as far as the new products and trends are concerned over internet regarding CHILDREN category.

 STEP: 1 – Mission:

The mission should be to describe and cover all the latest happenings, trends, rumors, gossips and news related to FOOTBALL.

STEP: 2 – Keywords:

  • Football Players
  • Football Top Leagues
  • Football Top Scorer Chart
  • Football Worldcup
  • Football News
  • Football Top coaches
  • Football League Transfers

STEP: 3 – Landing Pages:


Now, see the magic happening:

As shown in the Google Trends Chart, you can see the keyword “Kids cloth” is being sought more than other keywords. However, in order to avoid the competition – you can work over “Children’s clothes” to rank your website rather than getting into high competition. Even though, it is your decision – there’s nothing right or wrong in this regard.


Cornerstone Articles:

Content is certainly the king of all. For every landing page – make sure that you do insert quality content for it. Don’t forget to make it accessible for every online visitor within a couple of clicks that means it should be easily navigated. The content for such important pages is generally referred to Cornerstone Articles. So, don’t forget to create cornerstone pages accordingly within your website. It is highly suggested to take your time and make a wise decision before getting into this action as this will certainly lead your webpage to get ranked at search engines.  While preparing the content, keep in mind that online visitors will read it and you have to convince them at any given cost. Further details are discussed in Site Structure chapter.